Miss Sorry Bio:

Miss Sorry was born “by accident” in Vicenza, (mother Beba went into labor on a golf course), but grew up in Padua in a family of artists and intellectuals.

Even as a child toddles in the modern art gallery of the grandparents “La Chiocciola -The Snail”, one of the first Italian avant-garde galleries. For her to have in the hands a Picasso was normal,as well as to get pinched by Schifano and by the artists of the group Enne. The Miss forces the photographer grandfather to long sessions of shots and put him up every day with a new show from her set. Growing up in a climate so cultural and artistic was a luxury that has become accustomed to a constant search for harmony and beauty in things.

Miss Sorry  studies as a Fashion Stylist in Rome. The Princess of Trastevere (hard earned nickname) falls in love with the pug, the emblem of funny and tender, recurring image in his photography. Now, that’s a woman in these difficult times, she does not stop looking for color, humor, subtle eroticism, desire for play. For her, photography is the link between life, the real and the dream and should not suffer any kind of taboo. Her hero is Elio Fiorucci and she knows that one day they will work together.

She lives in Padua with the pugs Juliet and Carmillo.

But she moves anywhere for her passion.